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This tour will introduce you to the must see places in London in a full day of wonderful experiences. Starting at Buckingham Palace and ending in Trafalgar Square you will get to see places that you shouldn’t miss if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in London.

The day will start with a visit at Buckingham Palace and St James’s Park. Afterwards we will witness historic coronations, royal marriages and funerals at Westminster Abbey. We will take a detour at the most known symbol of London, Big Ben. Next we will enjoy a breath taking view over the city from London’s Eye. Later on we will cross the Tower Bridge and get to the Tower of London, one of the world’s most famous and spectacular fortresses.

The tour also includes a short break at St Paul’s Cathedral and a meeting with the most popular detective of all times at The Sherlock Holmes Museum.

The end of this one day tour will get you to Trafalgar Square, the best place to take London’s pulse and summarize your day.

As the name itself hints, this is the perfect opportunity for a seaside escape. Hot sand, clear water, green spaces and majestic castles? You got it. If you read carefully the itinerary planned below, you will “sea” that these three days are filled with history and beauty. South England will be at your feet, offering you the best views ever. Visit palaces, museums, Royal gardens, and imagine what life looked like in the past. We recommend this tour for curious visitors that enjoy a relaxed, yet educational holiday. Our guide and comfortable coach will certainly make your trip as pleasant as possible.


Day 1: London – Maidstone – Canterbury – Margate

This adventure starts at 8.00 am and takes you to the beautiful Maidstone, in Kent. Until 12.00 pm you will be able to visit two of the most interesting cultural attractions: Maidstone Museum and Leeds Castle. Lunch will be organized in Canterbury and it is followed by another round of sightseeing. This time, you will see the famous Canterbury Cathedral and the entertaining Canterbury Tales “Medieval Misadventures” Museum. Next we have prepared a trip to Margate, where you will check into your hotel. The day does not end here, as you have the opportunity to visit Margate Old Town and the Margate Harbour Arms. After this busy schedule, you will come back to the inn, enjoy a quiet dinner and rest, as another day full of adventure awaits for you.

Day 2: Margate – Ramsgate – Dover – Hastings

After a healthy and hearty breakfast, we will do some last moment sightseeing before departing Margate. The little tour includes The Shell Grotto and the Margate Museum, and it lasts until noon. Moving east you will be heading to Ramsgate. Before lunch time, you will see the Royal Harbour Marina and The Maritime Museum. The afternoon is dedicated to the following local attractions: Dover Castle and Dover Museum. This busy day will end upon your arrival in Hastings where you will check-in, have a lovely dinner and a good night sleep.

Day 3: Hastings – Eastbourne – Brighton – London

An early breakfast is rewarded with a day filled with great activities. St Mary in Castro and Hastings Castle are the last two stops in Hastings. Next there comes Eastbourne, where you will enjoy a nice lunch. But before that we prepared a trip to Beachy Head and the “Redoubt Fortress”. The afternoon brings Brighton to your attention with The Palace Pier, Sea Life Centre and Brighton Marina. By 19.00 pm you will already be back to London.

Because we appreciate your time and personality, we have thought that you will rather enjoy a private tour instead of a group one. Moreover, it is also a great opportunity to create your own itinerary, especially since you are not at your first visit to London and you have already seen a majority of the popular British landmarks.

This is why England Discovery Tours helps you create a “private escape”. Thus, your travelling experience will be 100% unique and suitable for your cultural or geographical interests. As London and its surroundings are filled with incredible touristic attractions, the palette of options is immense. Having the liberty to choose as many of them, on the dates that you prefer, can only translate into an amazing holiday.

We have recommended below some of the most common landmarks and means of entertainment. However these are just some of the options. You can use the form below and write your own preferences and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an appropriate itinerary and a final price. As some of the sites may be closed for renovations, we will not assume responsibility for this matter and we will not include those particular landmarks in your personalized itinerary.

For any other questions, feel free to use the Contact details and one of our friendly operators will be thrilled to help you create the perfect holiday in England.

We are all fascinated by knights, their romantic vows towards ladies and their protective attitude regarding the King and their land. Add interesting Royal stories and their majestic residences plus the contemporary collection of historical remains, exhibited in a large palette of museums, and you will get this Medieval Might tour as a result. It is a perfect two day trip for visitors that are passionate about the past, battles and love stories, castles and beautiful gardens. If you want to embark on this medieval experience, read below the details of the whole itinerary.


Day 1: London – Colchester – Ipswich – Norwich

At 8.00 am you will leave London and head to Colchester for the tour’s first adventures: Colchester National History Museum, Colchester Castle Park, and the First Site Colchester gallery. Lunch will be taken upon your arrival in Ipswich. Your next four hours will be spent in two interesting cultural venues: Christchurch Museum and Ipswich Museum. As the day is short and the number of British attractions is quite big, you will reach Norwich before the end of the evening. This is where you can enjoy a delicious dinner, take a relaxing walk around the area, and rest.

Day 2: Norwich – Cambridge – London

The second day is busy, represented by another series of entertaining sites and touristic attractions. You will start with Norwich Cathedral and the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery. Your next destination is the famous Cambridge, where you will visit two important venues before lunch: King’s College and Queens’ College. Before returning to London there is one more surprise: Great St Mary’s.

The Land of Legends tour is perfect for a school trip or for spending a pleasant time as a family. Everybody likes to learn about personalities that have marked the history of the world, but now you have the opportunity to visit their hometown and see exhibitions with the remaining evidence of their existence. This four day trip includes such legends as Robin Hood, The Beatles and other similar names that are connected to several domains, such as history, religion and music. For more details, please take a look at the complete itinerary.


Day 1: London – Leicester – The Belvoir Castle – Nottingham

This tour has an early start as you will depart from London at 8.00 am and go straight to the first touristic objective, mainly Leicester. Before lunch in this area, you will have already visited The National Space Centre and the Jewry Wall Museum. At around 13.00 pm you will go to your next destination, the famous Belvoir Castle. Your first day will end in Nottingham where you will rest and take a lovely dinner in a beloved inn.

Day 2: Nottingham – York

The first half of your day will be spent in Nottingham and its surroundings, where you have the opportunity to visit the following local attractions: Galleries of Justice and the Nottingham Castle. Lunch will be served in York, where you will also check-in for the night. The cultural venues that await for your visit in this area are the National Railway Museum and York Minster, a popular religious site. The evening is purely dedicated to your rest and a pleasant dinner, as the third day is filled with new adventures.

Day 3: York – Liverpool

After a delicious breakfast you will visit the JORVIK Viking Centre museum. The rest of the day will be spent in the lovely Liverpool area, when you will be able to see a number of popular local attractions: World Museum Liverpool, The Beatles Story museum and Albert Dock. This is also the place where you will enjoy your lunch and dinner and check-in into a comfortable hotel that will prepare you for the last day of this fun tour.

Day 4: Liverpool – Shrewsbury – London

After breakfast we have prepared a last cultural venue for you, before departing Liverpool: Tate Liverpool museum. Lunch time will be spent in Shrewsbury, where you will also enjoy an interesting local attraction: Shrewsbury Castle and Shropshire Regimental Museum. By 18.00 pm you will already be back to London with a lot of stories to tell your loved ones. You will definitely not forget these four days for a long time.

Every first trip to a new area is mainly dominated by culture and history. The landmarks that are promoted as touristic objectives in travel magazines, blogs and agencies have an interesting past or represent an important stage in the development of that particular country. This Culture and History tour focuses on the popular venues that can be found in Windsor, Oxford, Cambridge and other similar British “magnates”. You can read the complete details of the three days itinerary below.


Day 1: London – Windsor – Oxford

This day starts in force, as you are departing at 8.00 am. The first stop represents Windsor, where you will visit several popular sites and venues: The Guildhall, Windsor Castle and Legoland Windsor. You can relax and enjoy a delicious lunch before heading to the next important location in this itinerary, Oxford. This is also the place where you will check in and rest at the end of day. Before doing that, you will see the following landmarks: Bodleian Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History and The Ashmolean Museum.

Day 2: Oxford – Stratford-upon-Avon – Cambridge

After breakfast, you will visit two more local attractions in Oxford: University of Oxford Botanical Gardens and The Museum of Oxford. Your next stop in this wonderful tour will be Stratford-upon-Avon. Before lunch, you will have the opportunity to see Shakespeare’s Birthplace memorial house. Until 15.00 pm in the afternoon you will also check out the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Holy Trinity Church. End of day two will catch up with you in Cambridge, where you will simply relax for the rest of the remaining evening.

Day 3: Cambridge – London

This day is 100% dedicated to visiting the Cambridge area. Your adventure will start at 9.00 am, after you have enjoyed a delicious breakfast. So prepare yourself for a great adventure as you participate into this touristic marathon: King’s College, Queen’s College, Botanic Garden and Great St Mary Church. After lunch, you will head back to London, with fresh memories and souvenirs.

We all dream about the day when we can each own a time travelling machine and use it whenever we want to visit a certain period. Until then, our only chance of seeing pieces from the past is to visit the historical remains, read nonfiction novels and browse through the recent discoveries. England has managed to preserve and/or restore a great part of its cultural venues, providing tourists with a variety of interesting options. The Back in Time tour has been developed with this main characteristic in mind: to offer you the best British experience encapsulated in a one day trip. The whole itinerary can be found below.

1 Day

This wonderful adventure starts at 8.00 am and the first destination is Windsor. Here you have the chance to visit Windsor Castle, a very popular local attraction. This busy day goes on with your journey to Stonehenge, where you can see the famous archeological site. Lunch will be taken in Bath and it will be followed by a visit to the Roman Baths. The last destination in this lovely tour is going to be Oxford where you will learn interesting facts about the area. The presentation includes cultural venues such as The University of Oxford and the Bodleian Library. At 19.00 pm you will be heading back to London with a set of beautiful photos and lasting memories.

There is a saying that we should never forget where we come from, our origin and cultural background. England has a particular interesting past and some remains have been preserved until nowadays. It is our warm recommendation to visit at least once in a lifetime areas that represent an important stage in the British heritage. You will not only witness amazing architectural venues, but also learn more about another culture. As globalization is a developing process in our contemporary lives, we should try to always improve our knowledge of the world. Read more about the complete Authentic England itinerary below.



Day 1: London – Guildford – Winchester – Stonehenge

We depart at 8.00 am and the first stop will be in Guildford. Before lunch time, you can pride yourself with visiting the following landmarks: Guildford Museum, Guildford Castle, The Guildford Cathedral and The Undercroft. Next you will head to Winchester, where you will have the opportunity to see Winchester Great Hall and King Arthur’s Round Table and Winchester Cathedral. Stonehenge is where our first day adventure ends, but not before exploring the area a little bit and enjoying a delicious dinner.

Day 2: Stonehenge – Basingstoke – Windsor Castle – London

First thing in the morning, after a healthy breakfast, you will visit the famous Stonehenge site. Around 11.00 am you will then head to Basingstoke, where you can check out two interesting local attractions: Basing House and Milestones Museum. After lunch time we have prepared another popular destination, Windsor, where you get the chance to explore the last two venues from this tour: Windsor Castle and Windsor Great Park. By 18.00 pm you will already be in London, with plenty of great stories to tell to your loved ones.

As the title of the tour suggests, this two day trip will focus mainly on popular rural British landmarks, perfect for refreshing walks. This Amazing Paths tour is perfect for a honey moon gift, a couple’s getaway or a holiday option for retired people that want to enjoy a relaxing trip. You will have the opportunity to walk on paths that have been used by Royal family members, tourists, students and important figures from the past. The itinerary includes touristic objectives that range from castles and parks to museums and universities. For a more detailed schedule, check out the itinerary below.



Day 1: London – Colchester – Ipswich – Cambridge

Your adventure starts early in the morning, at 8.00 am and it begins with Colchester. In about four hours you will visit the following local attractions Colchester Castle and The Beth Chatto Gardens. Then you get to enjoy a delicious lunch and a little rest upon your arrival in Ipswich. In this area you have the opportunity to see Christchurch Mansion and have a relaxing walk. Around 17.00 pm you will be heading towards your next destination, the famous Cambridge. This is where you can check-in and just relax for the rest of the evening.

Day 2: Cambridge – Saffron Walden – London

After an early breakfast, you will visit your first landmark of the day around 9.00 am. Until noon, the tour includes the following touristic objectives: King’s College, Great St Mary Church and Fitzwilliam Museum. You will depart Cambridge and head to Saffron Walden at 14.00 pm. Here is where you can take advantage of another series of interesting and educational venues such as Audley End Train, Audley End House and Garden. This wonderful adventure ends with your journey back to London.
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